2.5 - 5 Ton Residential Fan Coil Variable Speed Multipoise

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2.5 - 5 Ton Residential Fan Coil Variable Speed Multipoise



Environmentally Sound Refrigerant Technology
  • Puron®, chlorine-free, non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) designed to maximize performance with Puron® refrigerant
Energy Efficient Operation
  • Electronically Commutating Motor (ECM) operates efficiently at all speeds
  • Maximizes efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Ultra low power consumption during fan only operation
Indoor Weather Control
  • Warm, comfortable heating air temperatures
  • Unmatched humidity control when paired with a humidity sensing thermostat
Airflow and Sound Technology
  • Diffuser air discharge section for high airflow efficiency and quiet, smooth operation
  • High duct static capability
  • Unique cabinet design that meets new stringent regulations for air leakage. Meets requirements of a 2%cabinet leakage rate when tested at 1.0 inches of static pressure
Condensate Control and Disposal Technology
  • Minimal standing waterless microbial growth for improved IAQ and reduced condensate line clogging and related condensate leakage
  • Condensate fittings relocated away from turbulent airflow patterns at the blower entrance for improved condensate control performance
  • Overflow feature for slope coil units allows condensate to exit the unit without damage to product under clogged primary and secondary line conditions
  • Tested for condensate disposal at conditions much more severe than those required by AHRI
  • Primary and secondary drain connections to comply with HUD
  • All pans constructed of an injection molded glass-filled polycarbonate engineered resin material, with brass drain connections.
  • High density, super thick cabinetry insulation with vapor barrier
  • Pre-painted galvanized sheet metal cabinet
Heat Transfer Technology
  • Grooved tubing
  • Lanced sine wave aluminum fins
  • Discreet refined counter-flow refrigerant circuitry
  • Bi-flow hard shut-off TXV metering device
Quality Assisting, Ease of Installation and Service Features
  • All units multipoise
  • Provision made for suspending from roof or ceiling joints
  • Modular cabinet on 003 to 006 units
  • Sweat connections for leak free service
  • Multiple electrical entry for application flexibility (high and low voltage)
  • Low voltage terminal strip, to safely hold connections within the cabinet
  • Cabinet construction features innovations designed to prevent cabinet sweating
Controls and Electrical Features
  • Easy Select™ Board to maximize comfort, efficiency, and safe heater airflow operation
  • Easy plug connection provided for quick installation of accessory heater packages
  • 40VA 208/230v transformer
  • Replaceable 5-amp blade-type auto fuse protects against transformer secondary short
Filter Features
  • Factory supplied filter
  • Cleanable polyester filter media
  • Filter “springs” out for easy access - no tools required
  • Newly improved filter rack area - filter door insulation added for an improved air seal

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