Nu-Calgon - 4148-32 - 4148-32 Cal-Shield® with TEFLON

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Nu-Calgon - 4148-32 - 4148-32 Cal-Shield® with TEFLON


Nu-Calgon - Cal-Shield is a synergistic liquid formulation based upon DuPont's Teflon® fluoro-additives. It is specifically designed for application on air-cooled condensers, evaporator coils and other finned heating and cooling coils where it forms a micro-thin or molecular film of Teflon.
Once applied, Cal-Shield will shield and protect the coil from adverse conditions within the operating environment.Use of Cal-Shield will allow the coil to operate for longer periods between cleaning. Once Cal-Shield is applied to the cleaned coil, it forms a protective shield of Teflon that helps the coil resist the depositing of dirt and grime so that moisture will "bead up" and run off. This enables the coil to perform more efficiently for a longer period of time. And, where coils are installed in aggressive environments such as salt air and food coolers, the Teflon will extend the coil's service life in this corrosive environment.